A uniquely crafted course for teachers that offers easy-to-understand lessons, resources, lesson planning and educational material. Perfect for teachers and educators who want help in their Spanish language classes.

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Is teaching Spanish leaving you frustrated? 

Are you a teacher looking for comprehensive, engaging and fun activities for your beginning Spanish classes? 

Do you want to experience the power of teaching with comprehensible input (CI) and add some ready-made effective lessons to your repertoire? 

Are you finding it hard to balance between work and life? If so, then this is the course for you.

I'm Janina Klimas - a teacher, linguist and author - and I will show you how to learn and teach a language like never before. With over 20 years of teaching in 3 different continents and fluency in 6 languages, I have developed an extensive library of materials, lessons, resources, projects and games for immersive, CI proficiency-oriented and student-centred activities.

About the course…

This course is designed to help teachers create engaging Spanish lessons with a focus on comprehensible input (CI). It includes lesson bundles, downloadable zip files, student-centered projects and over 100+ activities. 

The course also includes masterclasses each month that feature the entire library of materials and activities. Enrollment in the course provides access to these masterclasses at an affordable price. Additionally, there's also a replay available so you don't have to miss out!

Benefits of this course…

  • Save with a bundle and get ready-made lessons 
  • Have fun learning Spanish with engaging activities 
  • Take advantage of affordable prices 
  • Get access to all the masterclasses at an affordable price 
  • Receive comprehensive CI materials and resources.

Here is what the course Includes:

  • Introduction 
  • Comprehensible Input Immersive Spanish Lessons Plan Book and Materials 
  • Lesson Bundles
  • Topics covering Meeting & Greeting, School, Clothing, Family, Describing People, Colors, Time & Time Activity 
  • Additional Topics like Age & Birthday - Likes & Dislikes - Health & Body Parts - Food and Drinks 
  • Hispanic Heritage Month 
  • Lesson Bundles: Downloadable Zip Files (Days/Months/Weather/Calendar; Routines/Calendar/CI Signs; Beginning Bingo Bundle; Number Bundles) 
  • Student-Centered Projects: Tech Theme; Tour of My House; La Familia; Las Compras; La Ropa; El Tiempo. 
  • 100+ Student-Centered Activities for Spanish 
  • CI Posters: Games, Guides and Handouts.

Is this course for you?

This course is perfect for teachers who want to get started teaching in Spanish, or those who already have some experience and are looking to take their lessons to the next level. So what are you waiting for? 

Enroll now and get access to a library of materials, activities, games and posters! Sign up today and start teaching Spanish like never before!

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Enroll today for only $67.

Looking for immersive, engaging, fun activities for your beginning Spanish classes?

Love teaching with comprehensible input, and looking to add some ready-made effective lessons to your repertoire?

Love teaching, but want work-life balance?

Looking for a huge bank of materials, lessons, resources, projects, games, presentation and ideas for immersive, CI, proficiency-oriented and student-centered activities PLUS the monthly masterclasses?

Enroll today for $67.

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Hi, I’m Janina Klimas. I am a teacher, linguist and author, and I will show you how to learn a language. I have taught languages for over 20 years on 3 different continents and speak 6 languages to various levels of fluency.


I have a BA in Theater Arts and Foreign Languages, and an MA in the Teaching of Languages. I am certified to teach Spanish, English, drama, speech, language immersion and reading. I have led workshops for language teachers online, at the BETT Show in London, the annual ACTFL convention, the AATSP Conference, Language Show Live in London, The Polyglot Conference and at schools in Europe and the US. I have also contributed to The Language Educator, Fluent in Three Months and have been featured on the Breakthrough Success Podcast, including NYT bestselling author Chris Guillebeau’s Side Hustle School podcast.

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